Air Conditioner

Here Are 4 Warning Signals That Point to Yes!

Spring starts this week, which means, the arrival of warmer days. Before hot weather hits the area, is a perfect time to replace that old air conditioner so you can enjoy the benefits and increased comfort all summer long. How do you know if your air conditioner really needs to be replaced or if you should just have it repaired? This is a big and costly decision but there are some warning signals that replacing your air conditioner is the right choice. Below is a list of signs for you to consider:

Is Your Unit Retirement Age?

If your air conditioner is in the 10-15-year-old range, replacement is probably a good idea. This is the typical lifespan for a central air conditioner. Of course, proper maintenance has a direct relationship. More routine maintenance means longer life.

Your System Requires a Major Repair or Replacement Part (and your warranty has run out).

Some repairs and replacement parts can get very expensive. This just may not be worth the expense, especially if your unit is old and your warranty has expired. A good example of this would be if you needed a new compressor on an older unit. In a case such as this, replacement would be the better option.

Does Your Air Conditioner Keep Your Home Comfortable?

Is your home cool and comfortable? Does your home feel more humid than it should? If you have had multiple repairs to your air conditioner and these issues have not been fixed, you need a new air conditioner.

Are your Utility Bills Higher Than Normal?

Older air conditioning units are less efficient than new ones and they continue to become even less efficient over time. Compare your utility costs over the past few summers. If your bills are higher than they should be, it is time for a replacement.