3 Features to Ask for in a New Air Conditioner

With the temperatures warming up in Charlotte, North Carolina, homeowners will start to turn their air conditioners on soon. Before doing so, you should perform HVAC maintenance to make sure it’s ready for the cooling season. But if your AC system is irreparable or you need an upgrade, look for these three features in a new air conditioner.

Accurate Sizing

There’s no question that accurate sizing is a must for your new AC system. Air conditioners that are undersized cycle on and off frequently, which leads to more wear and tear over a shorter period of time and more frequent repairs. Oversized AC systems cool homes too quickly without ample time for dehumidification to take place.

To ensure your AC is properly sized, make sure to start each installation with a Manual J calculation. A service technician can perform it, taking into account everything from square footage to the amount of shade your home receives.

High SEER Rating

AC systems have seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings that show how efficiently they can operate. The higher your air conditioner’s SEER rating, the more efficient. But not every highly-rated air conditioner is right for your home. At the very least, look for an Energy Star-certified air conditioner that has a SEER rating of at least 15.

Variable-Speed Technology

Variable-speed technology has changed the way homeowners in Marshville cool their homes. The Trane XV20i TruComfort variable-speed air conditioner is designed to operate at a low speed most of the time, limiting its strain and the amount of energy it requires to cool your home. It can also operate at a higher speed to provide extra cooling.

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