Common Heating Problems That Warrant a Professional’s Attention Immediately

Common Heating Problems That Warrant a Professional’s Attention Immediately

As winter sets in, heating becomes a necessity for indoor comfort for residents in Charlotte, North Carolina. Temperatures can dip to below freezing during the coldest months. Homeowners must be watchful of common heating problems today to avoid a major breakdown tomorrow. If your heating unit makes odd noises, doesn’t burn properly, or doesn’t produce heat, it’s time to call a professional. It’s best to attend promptly to heating repairs because some problems can be dangerous.

Unit Not Heating

If your furnace or heat pump is not producing heat, check the obvious possibilities first. Check the thermostat setting. Make sure the air filter is clean. Make sure registers are not blocked. If none of these things are causing the problem, call a professional.

Unit Making Odd Noises

Creaks, groans and squeals are great sound effects for Halloween, but they should not be coming from your furnace. Most folks know the normal sounds their heating system makes. When sounds change, pay attention. Abnormal sounds can be from problems ranging from loose belts to a malfunctioning compressor. Call an HVAC professional to find the source of the problem.

Improper Combustion

If you have a gas or an oil furnace, it’s particularly important to pay attention to warning signs. Incomplete combustion can produce toxic gases such as carbon monoxide.

This colorless, odorless gas can be deadly. Install carbon monoxide alarms in your home. If they go off, open windows to ventilate the area. Check to see if anyone has dizziness or flu-like symptoms. Alternatively, if you smell gas, do not turn on any light switches or ignite matches. In either case, leave your home and call a professional immediately.

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