3 HVAC Innovations That Could Revolutionize Indoor Comfort

3 HVAC Innovations That Could Revolutionize Indoor Comfort

HVAC technology has come a long way in recent years. Residents throughout Charlotte, North Carolina, have access to new HVAC products designed to revolutionize indoor comfort. However, where should you invest your money? Here are a few HVAC innovations worth checking out that could also increase energy savings.

Ductless HVAC Units

Ductless HVAC units represent only a fraction of industry revenues. However, more people are starting to discover the value of ductless air conditioners. You won’t need ductwork to take advantage of this air conditioning system. If you are adding to your home, you can invest in a ductless unit without having to undertake extensive remodeling. Ductless air conditioning also allows you to use zoning for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

Air Cleaners

Whole-home air purification may sound too good to be true, but the technology has been around for some time. Air cleaners work in conjunction with your HVAC system to purify the air as it passes through. Electronic air cleaners are 40 times more efficient than air filters. They effectively remove pollutants and other unhealthy airborne particles. Your air cleaner along with your air filter will make a big difference in indoor air quality. You will be able to effectively tackle allergens and harmful contaminants.

Smart Thermostats

Home automation is no longer a far-fetched fantasy. Smart thermostats allow you to connect to your HVAC unit via any internet-enabled device. You can monitor your home’s energy usage, view service reminders, and adjust the unit’s temperature from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can check your home’s HVAC system and make adjustments. The remote access feature comes in handy when you’re away from home and need to make changes to the thermostat’s settings. Best of all, smart thermostats provide recommendations and energy reports that help you to save money.

With so many HVAC innovations on the market, why not take steps toward revolutionizing indoor comfort? Call Tyson Services at (704) 285-1812 to schedule an HVAC appointment.