Why do Heat Exchangers Crack?


The overwhelming reason is lack of airflow across the firebox. This lack of airflow can come from improperly maintained furnaces with clogged filters, clogged air conditioning coils, ducting that is too small or improperly installed ducting.


50% Of All Furnaces We Check With Our Free 2nd Opinion Do Not Have Cracks

Chances are good, that if you cannot see the breech in your furnace's heat exchanger, then it probably isn't cracked and you probably don't need a new furnace or firebox.

Internal Video Scanning is the only proof positive way of verifying for cracks in a heat exchanger.

Never accept only a opinionated determination from a contractor or the Gas Company. You could be investing needlessly in a new furnace.


Free Estimates Cheerfully Given for Cracked Firebox Replacement

Why do Heat Exchangers Crack?

The most common cause of cracking is from expansion and contraction of the metal during the furnace cycling process. Your furnace will turn on and off more than 100,000 times each year. This causes stress and will eventually degrade the heat exchanger to the point of failure.


How Can I Prevent Cracked Fireboxes?

Easy, PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE give us call. We will perform a Heat Flow evaluation. This Heat Flow evaluation will let you know how much airflow your furnace is actually putting out and what the temperature rise across the heat exchanger is. Too high a temperature rise equals cracking. We can perform this on a regular service call.