How often should I change my Standard 1" air filter?



A tip: Every time you pay your electric bill, change your standard 1" air filter. 

The manufacturer’s instructions might tell you it’s OK to wait two or even three months before changing your filter. But those instructions are designed for homes in “average” climates—and North Carolina's air is far more humid and full of pollen than most states.

That means your air conditioner’s filter collects more dust, dirt and other particles fairly quickly. And once it’s covered with dust, your filter doesn’t let enough air pass through to the a/c unit to allow it to operate efficiently.

A good, one-inch pleated filter costs between $5 to $12. Replacing it every month is a small investment compared with paying for the extra energy you’re a/c unit will waste if it’s not operating efficiently. And it’s nothing compared with the health problems your family could experience if you let a dirty filter send allergens and pollutants through your home’s air. Get Your System Tune Up Today or Ask About Our Routine Maintenance (Service Club Membership)